enspired: AI-Powered Energy Trading For A Sustainable Future

Top 10 Smart Energy Solutions Companies in Europe/UK - 2022

Numerous European countries have consistently increased renewable energy development targets to achieve emission reduction targets. The push towards establishing research and innovation projects to support smart grids, efficient energy storage, and digitization has created numerous opportunities in the smart energy sector. Committing to reducing net greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030, the EU has adopted the European Climate Law.

Enterprise and governmental organizations across Europe are sharing knowledge and expertise, fostering an environment of collaboration. Feedback and advice are shared with policymakers for innovation, implementation of intelligent technologies, and solutions for innovative energy systems. Several companies are delivering custom-made solutions for different use cases, focusing on data tracking for better management of grids and optimal use of grid capacity.

In this edition of Energy Tech Review Europe, we present the list of the Top 10 Smart Energy Solutions Providers in Europe/UK - 2022. Featured on the cover is enspired, a fully digital power trading company offering Trading-as-a-Service based on its AI-powered trading platform to help customers commercially optimize their flexible assets in short-term power markets.

We also bring to you thought leadership articles and exclusive insights from expert CIOs and CXOs - Tim Frost, Principal Project Engineer, Framatome; Carlos Relancio, Renewable Energy Director, Galp, presenting their views and opinions on how organizations can incorporate advancements in the Smart Energy industry. We hope the valuable insights from industry thought leaders featured in this edition help you make informed decisions for your organization.

    Top Smart Energy Solutions Companies in Europe/UK

  • enspired is a fully digital power trading company that offers Trading-as-a-Service based on its AI-powered trading platform to help customers commercially optimize their flexible assets in short-term power markets

  • Developed in 2015, LEMONBEAT holds a firm ground in IOT, embedded, communication protocols, IPv6, IIoT, Device-to-Device, IP-Stack, SiP Chip, LsDL, Internet of Energy, Smart building, energy, industry, lighting, garden, home, operating system, SubGhz radio, 868Mhz, smart metering, and IoT Backbone

  • Eliq


    Eliq, as the leading smart energy solution provider, holds expertise in data analytics, home energy management, energy visualisation, customer engagement, Internet of Things, smart home, and customer engagement

  • ESG Global

    ESG Global

    Developed in 1998, ESG Global specialises in energy EDI, billing & CIS, wholesale energy services, retail energy pricing, data visualization, storage and pipeline, and sales management and pricing, facilitating innovative technology and empowering leaders to deliver their future promises of energy

  • GE Grid Solutions

    GE Grid Solutions

    The France-based smart energy solution provider holds centuries of experience in facilitating innovative power electronics, high voltage equipment, automation and protection, software solutions, and projects & services

  • Gilmond


    With 16+ years of experience, Procode holds proven experience in software, operations support, energy industry consulting, outsourcing, SaaS, gas shipping, smart metre, Entech, energy software, CRM, Billing software, Energy, Flow management, market messaging, innovation, and risk management

  • IMServ


    With 20+years experience in smart energy solutions, energy, sub, and electricity metering, data collection and analytics, automated metre readings (AMR), half-hourly and non-half-hourly data collection and aggregation, in addition to energy metering technology, energy data, and management

  • inepro Metering

    inepro Metering

    inepro Metering holds expertise in smart electricity metres, MID B&D-approved smart electricity metres, branding, custom creation, car charging, home automation, building automation, and the solar industry

  • Sinapsi


    Sinapsi facilitates customers with a control panel to better manage their fleet of SGH-compliant devices, carving its space in the activity of production and development of hardware and software applications for home & building automation systems and for the field of renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart metering

  • SSE Energy Solutions

    SSE Energy Solutions

    As one of the promising smart energy solution providers, SSE Energy Solutions incorporates a firm experience in multi-utility, electric vehicles, distributed energy, electricity networks, water supply, and heat and cooling networks

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